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About us

What is DutyCope? Who are our contacts? We all have dreams in our minds that we need the help of others to make our dreams come true. Some people want to have a dream property

Copyright Policy

At DutyCope, we strive to respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that the work, content, or any other property you own is copied in a manner that infringes copyright, please notify

User Agreement

This User Agreement describes the relations and terms which you accept by using our Website or our Facilities. We have integrated some linked information using the reference.   This agreement includes the following: Account: In fact, your account number is related to your email address. Seller: This part means that the seller buys services or

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By subscribing to this site, you accept all its rules. Please read all of them before using the site services. This User Agreement describes the terms and conditions you agree to using our Website or


DutyCope is a massive platform for audiences from different cultures around the world. There are risks involved in doing so. DutyCope is working with the Hervess security team to keep the site safe and secure. DutyCope users

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Duties: At DutyCope, we respect users’ privacy. This means that we are trying to act in accordance with international law. Personal information means information or theory about an identified person or a person