Terms and Conditions

By subscribing to this site, you accept all its rules. Please read all of them before using the site services. This User Agreement describes the terms and conditions you agree to using our Website or Services.

In this user agreement:

On the site, a user can be both a buyer (employer) and a seller (freelancer).

“Buyer” means a user who buys the seller’s services (freelancers) or items from the vendors, or identifies the seller through the website, or outsources his project to the site vendors.

“Dispute Resolution Process” means the process followed by buyers and sellers in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Services, the dispute resolution process being judged by the Site.

“Account” means an account associated with your email address and mobile number.

“Freelancer” means a person who acts as a seller on the site.

“Freelancer Approved” Users are satisfactorily verified under “Know Your Customer Verification Policy and Identity”.

“Inactive account” means an account that has not been active on the site for a long time (more than 10 months).

“Intellectual Property Rights” means any intellectual property rights in and around the world, including: (a) patents, copyrights, patent rights (or similar rights), patents; Trademarks are registered and unregistered, and any right to have confidential information is kept confidential. And (b) any request or right to request the registration of any of the rights set forth in paragraph (a), whether or not these rights are registered and exist under any law, in customary law or in justice.

“Local Jobs” or “Local Jobs” means the services we provide to match the buyer to the seller in connection with the provision of location-specific services (face-to-face employment).

“Landmark payment” means the payment that the buyer makes to provide the seller’s services under the user’s contract and is released from these terms and conditions in accordance with the “Landmark payment” section.

“Project” or “list” means a job offered or awarded by a buyer through a website, which may include a project or competition mentioned by a buyer, a project awarded by a buyer, services provided by Buyer from a seller and the services that the buyer provides to the seller as a result of a contest or contest through the website.

“Seller” or “Freelancer” means a user who offers his services or is introduced as a seller through the Website.

“Vendor Services” means all services provided by a vendor.

“User”, “You” or “You” means the person who visits or uses the Website, including through the API.

“User Agreement” means: (1) this User Agreement; (2) The law of conduct, which is amended from time to time. (3) Other terms of the contract accepted by the seller and the buyer are accepted on the website, insofar as they do not conflict with the user agreement and the law of conduct. (4) The terms of the project granted and accepted on the Website, as long as they do not conflict with the User Agreement and the Code of Conduct. And (5) any other material that is referred to from time to time.

“Website” means the websites operated by and available on DutyCope: Dutycope.com and any of its regional or other domains or properties, and any related DutyCope services, tools or applications , Especially mobile web, any iOS app and any Android app, or API or other access mechanism.

  1. 1. Overview

By subscribing to the site, you agree to the following terms with DutyCope.

DutyCope may, in its sole discretion, modify the rules set out on this page and post them on the Site, this may be done without your consent and without your knowledge.

The DutyCope site is an online site where registered users buy or sell seller services and items. Buyers and sellers must create an account on the site with their email and mobile number to buy or sell seller services or items. This website enables users to collaborate online to complete and pay for projects, buy and sell items, and use the services we provide. We are not a party to any contractual agreement between the buyer and seller online, we only facilitate communication between the parties.

No user is guaranteed by DutyCope at Dutycope.com.

We may modify or add to the Website or the information, products or services described therein from time to time, without notice. However, we do not undertake to update the Website. We are not responsible for you or anyone else if there is any error in the website information or in the absence of that information.

  1. 2. Domain

Before using the website, you should read the entire user agreement, website policies and all related information.

You must read and link to all terms of this User Agreement, Code of Conduct, DutyCope Privacy Policy and all Website Policies. By accepting this User Agreement when you access our Website, you agree that this User Agreement will be used whenever you use the Website or the tools we make available to interact with the Website. Some websites may have additional or other conditions that we provide to you when we use those services.

  1. 3. Eligibility

If you do not use the website:

They are not able to enter into legally binding contracts.

They are less than 18 years old

A person is prohibited from receiving or providing services under Australian law or other applicable jurisdiction.

Use of the Website has been suspended. Or

Do not have a valid email address.

All free accounts are associated with individuals. Login information should not be shared by users with others. The person associated with the account will be responsible for all actions performed by the account without any restrictions.

According to your local laws, people 15 to 18 years old can register on the site with the permission of their guardian, but all legal responsibilities are the responsibility of their guardian and DutyCope has no responsibility.

Users may provide a brand or company name associated with the user account. Users acknowledge and agree that if the brand or company name is associated with their account, this user agreement is a contract with the user as an individual (not a business or company) and users are solely responsible for all activities In relation to them are responsible. Account.

A company, corporation, trust, partnership or other non-corporate entity may be a eligible user under a corporate account that pays for corporate subscriptions.

Users are not allowed to register on the site with the identity information of anyone other than themselves. Users are not allowed to use fake credentials for authentication.

We may, at our sole discretion, refuse to register any person or entity as a user.

You may not transfer or assign your rights or obligations under this Agreement without your prior written consent.

  1. Use DutyCope

While using the Website, you will not do any of the following or otherwise:

Disrespect or harass DutyCope employees.

  1. Submit content or items in inappropriate categories or areas on our websites and services.
  2. Send email address, mobile number, profile address on social networks, office home address, etc. on the site without the coordination of the support team for users.
  3. Violate our laws, third party rights, or policies, such as the Code of Conduct;
  4. Can not pay for services to you.
  5. Fail to provide the services of the seller you purchased.
  6. Bypass or manipulate the cost structure, billing process, or expenses owed to DutyCope.
  7. Send ads to users without coordination with DutyCope support
  8. Submitting false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory or offensive content (including personal information);
  9. Take actions that may undermine feedback or credibility systems (such as displaying, entering or exporting feedback information or using it for non-website related purposes).
  10. Transfer your DutyCope account (including feedback) and username to someone else without our consent.
  11. Use immoral images (sex, porn, etc.).
  12. Distribution or sending of spam, unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, chain mail or pyramid;
  13. Distribution of viruses or other technologies that may harm or unlawfully affect DutyCope, the Website, or the interests or assets of DutyCope users (including their intellectual property rights, privacy and advertising), threats, insults, defamation, invasion of privacy , Vulgar, obscene, obscene or cases that cause harassment or upset or hatred towards any person.
  14. Without express written permission, upload and collect any part of the Website, without our prior written permission, our website listings for display with listings from other websites.
  15. Take any action to bypass DutyCope processes
  16. Attempt to modify, translate, adapt, edit, re-analyze, disassemble or reverse engineer any software programs we use in connection with the Website.
  17. Copy, modify or distribute the rights or content of the website or copyright and trademarks of DutyCope; Or
  18. Collect or collect information about users, including email addresses, without their consent.
  19. Use DutyCope to facilitate the exchange of money, including cryptocurrencies (eg Bitcoin, Atrium, etc.) off-site.

  1. Violation of intellectual property rights

It is our policy to respond to clear warnings alleging infringement of intellectual property rights. Our copyright infringement policy is designed to allow us to send notices of copyright infringement claims, and at the same time the number of notices we receive is fake or difficult to understand or verify. decreases. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated, please let us know via this link on our website and we will investigate.

  1. 6. Costs and services

DutyCope charges for some services, including project introduction fee, upgrade list and membership. When you use a service that has a fee, you have the opportunity to review and accept the fees that are charged to you based on your schedule and expenses, which we may change from time to time, and We will update them by placing them on our website. We may temporarily change the cost of our services for promotional events (for example, membership discounts) or new services if you post a temporary promotional event or new service on a website or are notified through advertising. , Is a notification. Correspondence

Unless otherwise stated, all costs are quoted in US dollars.


DutyCope does not currently charge a commission from the buyer (employer).

DutyCope currently receives 9% commission from the seller (freelancer).

The commission percentage may vary depending on the user level of the user.

DutyCope may block the amount inside the profile of abusive users of the site.

DutyCope may fill out, complete, or verify identity from both parties before the payment is released.

DutyCope may require that the details of each project in which the commission discount applies be properly complete.

If an individual account on the site is blocked (due to a violation on the site), he is not allowed to withdraw his account balance.

DutyCope believes that this ad may be withdrawn for a specific user if there is a dispute between the referee and the referrer or any other matter, if you notice significant changes, fraud or refund. Another reason.

DutyCope reserves the right to cancel or modify all types of ads and offers at any time for all users.

The freelancer has the right to cancel the advertisement in any area that deems the offer to upgrade to any resident in that area illegal or illegal.

DutyCope reserves the right to reimburse the costs of each user participating in the 0% program if it recognizes at any time that users are not acting in good faith.