Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Duties: At DutyCope, we respect users’ privacy. This means that we are trying to act in accordance with international law.

Personal information means information or theory about an identified person or a person who is logically identifiable. DutyCope Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected and / or maintained by DutyCope.

This privacy policy also explains how we process “personal data” of site users. We review this policy regularly and may update it from time to time.

What information do we collect and process?

We collect and process information that users voluntarily register in DutyCope. This information can include email, phone, address and more. We may also, at DutyCope’s discretion, review files, conversations, images, videos, audio, and anything else you share on the Site with other users or through tickets. All information requested, collected and processed by us is not “personal information” because it does not identify you as a real person. This includes most of the “user-generated content” that you provide to us for sharing with other users. Such “non-personal information” is not covered by this privacy policy. However, since non-personal information may be used in general or linked to existing personal information. When in this form is considered as personal information. As such, this privacy policy lists both types of information for transparency.

In some cases, users may provide personal information to us without our request, or through tools that are not intended to collect certain types of information. While we may take reasonable steps to protect this data, the user has bypassed our systems, processes and controls and therefore the information provided by this privacy policy is not controlled.

Users may provide us with personal information on platforms outside of DutyCope, while any information we collect is controlled by this privacy policy, the platform through which it is informed is operated by its own privacy policy.

How do we collect personal information?

The information you give us specifically

We may ask DutyCope users to send us letters or paper forms through our site, our official social networks, online chat, site ticketing system, telephone, in-person meetings. We tell you in writing or orally how we will use the personal information we request.

We may request, collect or process the following information:

  • Account details – username, password, profile picture.
  • Contact information – email address, phone number.
  • Location details – physical address, billing address, time zone.
  • Identity details – full name, identity document (eg driver’s license, passport), address document (eg utility bill), user photo.
  • Financial information – credit card details, wire transfer details, payment processor details (eg skrill, paypal), tax number.

User-generated content – project descriptions and attachments, proposal descriptions, user profiles, user comments, contest and attachment descriptions, user messages, and more.

Information we collect from others

Users can allow us to connect to their account on other platforms to collect personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. The information collected is controlled by this privacy policy. Users can prevent us from collecting data from other platforms by removing our access to another platform or by contacting our support team.

Users can invite non-users to our platform by providing contact information such as email address. In this case, information is collected and stored by us to contact non-users and prevent abuse of invitation systems.

Your payment provider may transfer information about a payment that we may collect or process.

In some cases, users’ personal information may be collected from public sources.

We may collect or process the following information:

  • Basic details – username, profile picture.
  • Contact information – email address, phone number.
  • Location details – physical address, billing address, time zone.
  • Financial information – payment account details (e.g. PayPal email address and physical address), and wired transfer details.

Contact List – Email Provider Address Book.

User-generated content – User Profile.

The information we collect when using our services

We maintain a track record of interacting with our users, including the products, services and customer support we provide. This includes the interactions our users have with our platform, such as when a user views a page or clicks a button.

In order to provide specific products or services, we may passively collect your GPS coordinates, if any, from your device. Most modern devices, such as smartphones, show a license request when our platform requests this data.

When we are contacted, we may collect personal information that is inherent in the communication. For example, if we are contacted by email, we will collect the email address used.

We may collect or process the following information:

  • Metadata – IP address, computer and connection information, referrer web page, standard web report information, language settings, time zone, etc.
  • Device information – device ID, device type, device plugins, hardware capabilities, etc.
  • Location – GPS position.
  • Actions – pages viewed, buttons clicked, time spent viewing, search keywords and more.

How to use personal information

The information we request, collect and process is primarily used to provide the product or service that users have requested. In particular, we may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide the services or products you have requested;
  • To facilitate the creation of a user contract (see Terms of Service for more information.)
  • To provide technical or other support to you;
  • To answer questions about our services, or to answer a complaint;
  • To advertise other programs, products or services that you may be interested in (unless you opt out of such links)
  • To enable debugging, testing and otherwise performance of our platforms.
  • To perform data analysis, research and otherwise build and improve their platforms;
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations;
  • Unless otherwise permitted or required by law; Or
  • For other purposes with your consent, unless you withdraw your consent for these purposes.

Reasons for “legal processing” based on which we use (but are not limited to) our users’ personal information:

  • When a user has consented;
  • If necessary to execute the contract to which the user is a party.
  • Processing is essential to meet our legal obligations.

Processing is essential to protect the vital interests of our users or another individual.

  • Processing is done to pursue our legitimate interests, where those interests do not infringe on the rights of our users.

We use automated decision making to help users adapt to their jobs. The main way to do this is through user rankings. These rankings are generated by analyzing user-generated content, user activity, and job results. In this context, user-generated content includes feedback that users receive when completing work. More information about this ranking guide can be found in our community articles. Automated decision making is also used to recommend potential jobs to users and as part of our market security systems.

When we disclose personal information?

Our third party service providers

User personal information may be stored, transmitted or processed by our third party service providers outside of Australia, including “in the cloud”. Our third party service providers are contractually committed to using your personal information on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.

Our third party service providers are:

  • Cloud hosting, storage, networking and related providers
  • SMS providers
  • Payment providers and banks
  • Marketing and analytics providers
  • Security providers

Third party applications

Through the DutyCope API, it is possible for users to allow third-party applications to access their DutyCope account. Depending on the permissions granted, these applications may be able to access certain personal information or take action on behalf of users. These third party programs are not controlled by us and are controlled by their own privacy policy. Users can remove third-party applications from accessing their data through settings.

Other disclosures and transfers

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties for the following purposes:

  • If necessary to provide the services or products you have requested;
  • We receive court orders, subpoenas or other requests for information from law enforcement.
  • Unless otherwise permitted or required by law; Or
  • For other purposes with your consent

Your information may be processed by artificial intelligence or the DutyCope prince anywhere in the world.

Your access

You have the right to request access to the personal information that DutyCope has about you. Unless an exception is made, we should allow you to view the personal information we hold about you at a reasonable time and at an unreasonably free cost. You can access most of your personal information by logging in to your account. If you would like to access information that is not accessible through the platform, or if you would like to upload all of the personal information we provide to you in the form of portable data, please contact our Privacy Officer.

You can change your personal information through the user panel. If you can not let us know via ticket.

DutyCope may link to other sites. We have no responsibility for these sites. If you provide your personal information to them, you have all the responsibilities and DutyCope has no responsibility.

Contact the privacy team

If you have any questions or concerns about the way we handle your personal information, or seek to exercise our privacy rights with respect to the personal information we hold about you, you may contact our Privacy Officer as follows:

by Email: